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New Patient Information

Dr. Aradhana Kar | Internal Medicine & Primary Care located in Campbell, CA

New Patient Information
There are 5 steps to setup your MyChart. Please take the time to complete each step.


  1. Pre-register with our practice by calling our office at 408-996-9339

  2. Set up your MyChart patient portal account by clicking on your activation email. If patient is a minor, click here for more information.

  3. Fill out Patient Medical History on MyChart prior to your visit. This confirms your appointment.

  4. Download and fill out our Patient Registration form.

  5. Send your Patient Registration and insurance card copy (front & back) to your MyChart account by sending a message to the providers and attaching the files (examples below)


1. Pre-register

Call our office at 408-996-9339 to pre-register with our practice.


2. MyChart Setup

Set up your MyChart patient portal account by clicking on the activation email sent to you. Our new patient portal is MyChart by John Muir Health. An activation email will be sent to you from and has the subject" Signup information for MyChart".

Please let us know if you need us to resend an activation.  If you've previously signed up and forget your password, password reset can be done easily on the MyChart site.


3. Medical History on MyChart

Filling out your medical history is easy to do, but it is lengthy and takes a few minutes. When filling out your medical history through MyChart, make sure to scroll down each page in order to click "Continue". Please note that there are 4 full pages to fill out, plus a review page where you click "Submit and Continue" at the bottom. You will know you have successfully complete the questionnaire when you see a confirmation page stating that it is complete.


Your medical  history is foundational to your care and the relationship you will have with your doctor at Blue Hills. By being as thorough as you can, your visit can focus more on you and your current health situation. Filling out your medical history also confirms your appointment.


How to log in:

There are two ways to login. You can click the link on the upper right hand corner on our website. It will take you directly to the John Muir Health Login Page:



Alternatively, you can go to and click on MyChart Login upper right​.


Once you are logged in, you will see your MyChart Home page with a list of items, including any scheduled appointments. In order to fill out your Patient Medical History, click on "View Details":


This will bring you to your Appointment Details page.

Here, you can fill out your Patient Medical History as well as confirm your visit:

Clicking Patient Medical History will take you to the Patient Medical History questionnaire. It is a total of 4 pages plus a review/submit page. Be sure to scroll to the bottom each page to click "Continue":

The 5th page is the review & submit page for your medical history.  Please click "Submit and Continue":











You will see a confirmation page showing that you have successfully submitted it:

4. Download and fill out Patient Registration form

5. Send Patient Registration and insurance card to your MyChart Account. 

You can send files in MyChart by sending a message and attaching a file. You can attach up to 3 files at a time. The file formats allowed are PDF, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and TIF images.

Once logged into your MyChart home page, click on the envelope icon next you your provider's name:

Sending a message will open up a conversation with your provider. Under "What type of medical question?", please click "Non-Urgent Medical Question".

Fill in the subject and write a message similar to the screenshot below. You can attach documents by clicking on the paperclip. and then click "Send":

You will then see a confirmation message (with attachments) has been sent.

Once you've completed that, you're all set for your appointment. We look forward to seeing you!



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